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The Power of Breast Massage

by | 12 Aug 2020 | Wellness

A woman’s breasts represent and symbolize the 
heart. (“yang” according to tantric philosophy). They represent love, compassion and nurturing.

They are known as eyes of the heart due to the fact that women penetrate the world first with our breasts, we receive the world with our yoni. The breasts act as filters for energetic and emotional information we receive as we go out into the world, including other peoples toxic energy, THIS is why it is so important to develop a practise in massage and clearing to shift stagnant energy and emotions!

Not only is the breast directly related to the heart it is also the fire that helps connect a woman to her yin energy, breast and nipple massage activating the enndocrine gland to produce more beautiful lubrication to the yoni.

How to massage your breasts

  1. Rub your hands together to produce heat

  2. Place your palms in the centre of the chest side by side
  3. Breathe and slowly move the hands up towards the chin
  4. Around the side of the breasts then underneath them and back to the centre

When to massage your breasts

  • Everyday- 1-2 times
(time permitting)
  • Except for when you are bleeding on your period as this is a time of rest

  • 9 or 36 times repetitions (this number or multiples of holds an energy in the tantric teachings)