1:1 Tailored Coaching

Coaching JUST FOR YOU  – Unlock the

Magic Within

1:1 Tailored Coaching

Coaching JUST FOR YOU – unlock the magic within

Want to live a life you love? But you are:

• Going through divorce/breakup?

• Wanting to find purpose and passion? 

• Feeling shitty about yourself or your circumstances?

• Drinking, Eating, Smoking too much?

• Drowning in anxiety, stress and worry?

• Whatever the challenge you are experiencing, we work together to create a unique program that is JUST FOR YOU!

What to expect from coaching with Mercedes?

Mercedes works with women online all over the world. She provides warm and genuine support for women that are on a journey searching for something deeper, accessing their inner confidence, healing the womb, childhood and past trauma. In a completely judgement free zone – you will be seen, heard and guided to find awareness of beliefs and blocks that may be holding you back in life.

Why do I need a coach?

Having a coach in your corner can provide judgment free place for you to come to your own understanding of self, to have the place to reflect, to release emotions, heal and help you gain clarity and provide accountability. In this day and age most people seek support in some way shape or form to help them level up

What do I need to do be ready for coaching?

You need to be coachable, you need to be willing to “do the work”, you need to be committed to the journey

What can I expect a session to look like?

Sessions are done online so you can be in the comfort of you own space. A quiet place with no interruptions is ideal. Generally, there will be a specific theme that will arise and each session looking different than the last. You will be given some home play or accountability items as well as support in between sessions.

Mercedes has a broad range of tools and experience in her tool belt and is a qualified Master Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Tantric Practitioner, Energy Healer and creator of Womb Magic.

You can’t really put into a box what Mercedes to the coaching process. I have been fascinated by the varied experience and advice she is able to give. From Tantric exercises to t healing meditations, to counselling, to parenting, to business coaching and so much more.

I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a coaching journey to self – she has all the tools and some.