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How to use your Yoni Egg

by | 12 Aug 2020 | Womb Healing

Setting The Scene

I always invite my clients to connect with their new Yoni Egg and set each practice up as a form of ritual whenever possible. Connecting with the stone and its healing properties can help to intensify your experience. Creating a ritual around the use of your egg is a beautiful way to connect with your inner feminine energy. Set up your space with all the things that make you feel energetically soft, surrendered and open to receiving the healing this magical stone can offer.

There is no “right” way to set up. In a perfect world I like to have candle light, beautiful meditation music/mantra, incense, just out of the shower with a nice robe and the house to myself. That special place and time to just be with myself and what is. I do however understand having children and a family or housemates buzzing around that this isn’t always available! At the moment I tend to use school hours but still set up as nicely as possible.

When to Begin With Your Egg

There is no hard and fast rule with using your egg. The first few times you set up your ritual you may just feel guided to meditate with the stone, getting its energy used to your body and vice versa. A few sessions may just find you gently massaging the lips and entrance to the yoni and that feels “enough”. I had a Yoni Egg for years before I felt ready to develop a regular practise of internal use.

How to Insert

You want your Yoni to get to that lubricated place of feeling ready to invite the egg inside when you are ready. Part of the ritual is seducing and loving yourself to a place of arousal so that you are receptive (this along can be deeply healing for a lot of women, feeling deserving enough of self devotion and love). If self lubrication is a challenge I like to use fractionated coconut oil or there are many natural lubes available. Breast Massage is also an amazing way to connect and lubricate your yoni. The Power of Breast Massage (hyperlink the blog)

When ready laying on your back (maybe with a pillow under your hips) bringing the egg the entrance of the yoni and sipping it slowly in when you feel ready.

Beginners Exercises

To begin with you may just want to lay there with the egg inside you, feeling the energy and being present with any emotions that may arise. If you want to go further with your practise you can begin by squeezing your muscles around the egg and upward as you inhale and relaxing the muscles completely as you exhale. Doing long strong repetitions of this in time with your breath is one of the most simple and I find the most pleasurable. 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

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