The Soulful Stripper

Mercedes Michaels

The Soulful Stripper

Mercedes Michaels

Have you ever felt judged and shamed by others and just wished you could feel empowered and resilient to other people’s opinions?

Have you felt stuck, feeling like your boxed in by the labels that others give you, looking for a way to break free and live life on your own terms, with strength, empowerment and freedom?

Then you need to get your hands on this book, The Soulful Stripper and discover how one woman triumphed despite the stigma and labels, giving you insight into how you too can flourish and thrive.

Mercedes Michaels | The Soulful Stripper | Book Cover

Mercedes Michaels is a Perth based stripper – turned soul searcher, gypsy wanderer, humanitarian and seeker of the truth. Her life has led her on many a crazy adventure – from inner city underworlds, the glamour life of a Dubai Model, the bustle of Ugandan roadsides and the adoption of her daughter is nothing short of inspiring.

Her path has not always been an easy one with so many self imposed and societal judgments about the stereotype of being a “stripper”. Along her inner growth path she has now reached an empowered space of authenticity. From the depths of shame, fear and judgment to truly owning her narrative.

Mercedes is a lover, mother, author, mentor and action taker. With a huge open heart and the tenacity to believe in her dreams she inspires others to achieve theirs. Whether in her coaching practice, her personal relationships or in her work environment she strives to be her best and bring out the best in others.

By fully owning who she is the good the bad and the ugly, it gives permission to others to live their fullest expression of truth.

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