Womb Healing

Womb Magic Practitioner Training & Sessions

Womb Healing

Womb Magic Practitioner Training & Sessions

What is Womb Magic?

Womb magic is a beautiful blend of deep nurturing and non-invasive healing modalities to support and guide you to clear any blocked energy or stored trauma from the Womb space.

This is a safe process performed with the highest and most honouring integrity, my rooms are a judgement free zone for you to feel, express and release whatever may arise. The process itself is a blend of hypnosis, visualization, NLP and colour therapy.

Most sessions are around 1-2 hours, can be done online or in person, wear something comfortable and have a nurturing place to lie down without interuptions.

Why do I need to heal my Womb?

The womb is the centre of creation and connected to the sacral chakra, it has the capacity to create life and also an energetically healthy womb space has the power to allow you create and manifest in your life.

Traditionally women would honour their cycle by sitting with other women and letting go of all the emotions that had built up through the month and allow the emotional body and the womb space to heal.

Unfortunately now we are somewhat disconnected from our feminine, we are not taught to honour our bodies with these kinds of rituals so we hold onto all those traumas and stuck energy which then can manifest in the physical body this plays out in many ways.

What kinds of things can affect the womb?

· Disconnection, pain after c-section, vaginal birth, episiotomy

· Birth Trauma

· PMS, Hysterectomy, Pregnancy Loss

· Sexual Trauma

· Toxic Relationships

· Shame, Guilt and Fear around sexuality

· Empowering the gender diverse community to connect on a deeper level with their feminine essence and energetic womb.

· Heal generational and ancestral patterns and programs

How will I feel after my session?

No two sessions are ever the same!

My clients have left this session feeling physically different!

  • Feeling more joyful and playful
  • Feeling sexier and more connected to their partners
  • Feeling more certain, SAFE and empowered in their own bodies
  • Feeling connected and whole within themselves (for the first time in years!)
  • Less anxiety, guilt, anger, shame

I did a womb healing session with Mercedes Michaels a couple of weeks ago. It was a gentle process that brought up a lot of buried emotions for me to clear. Mercedes guided me through the process with strength and certainty, allowing me to release emotional pain from when I carried and birthed my children as well as my own painful childhood memories that I had stored in my womb.

Yesterday, an incredible thing happened. I reached down to feel my cesarean scar without looking at it, and I couldn't locate it! The scar used to have some lumps and ridges to it, but last night when I felt for it, the skin was perfectly smooth. A beautiful and unexpected result 

Thank you 

Where do I start?! Mercedes is so calming, encouraging, and gentle - and this womb magic process which she has created ... powerful, confronting and deep!! I had the most amazing session where I felt completely safe to release all these things I was holding inside that I didn't even realise were there! I've done heaps of personal healing work, but I've never worked on my womb space before and it's amazing what yukky stuff is held in there.

I highly recommend this process for wherever you're at in your healing journey and Mercedes just makes it all feel so easy and safe. Thanks so much, what you have created is amazing!!


I had a womb magic session with Mercedes this week and I can honestly say it has transformed my pregnancy! After many losses I was consumed by anxiety and fear and was finding it very difficult to bond with baby and prepare for his arrival.

Since my session my internal dialogue with myself has transformed into such a beautiful and positive one, and i was amazed how much better i felt physically and mentally. Everyone around me has noticed such a positive change and I can't thank Mercedes enough for helping me process, heal and let go of the issues that had taken over!

Womb magic works!



Come join the Womb Magic Tribe

Come join the Womb Magic Tribe

What’s Included?

  • 1on1 Womb Magic Session with yours truly
  • 9 hours of interactive learning and content to prepare you to work with clients after graduating!
  • A business in a box you can add this to your existing modalities or use this as a powerful stand alone session
  • A deep nurturing process to work with clients one on one or in a group from anywhere in the world
  • A supportive online community of fellow Womb Magic Sisters
  • The knowledge and skills to empower 100’s if not 1000’s of women in your community
  • Ongoing support from me as you go on to use Womb Magic in your practise This process is non-invasive, safe, deep and
    nurturing Using a combination of modalities to heal and clear on the deepest level. Hypnosis, NLP, Aspecting, Colour Therapy and Visualisation.

What will you learn?

  • How to extensively prepare and “qualify” a potential client
  • How to set up a safe space correctly
  • How to intensively pre-frame and create safety for the client through the process
  • Understanding the conscious and unconscious mind
  • Talking Trance
  • Boundaries and communication
  • Layering, Language and Toning
  • How to safely guide clients deeper using hypnotic language
  • How to look for trauma response and guide your client back to safety
  • How to perform this process in a group and one on one setting step by step
  • How to package, promote and follow up with clients
  • How to weave your own modalities and knowledge with the process
  • How to heal and tune into your own Womb Magic

The next training dates:

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