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WTF is a Yoni Egg?

by | 12 Aug 2020 | Womb Healing

No it’s not easter! You may have heard women gush about their Yoni Egg at your local mothers group, yoga class or day spa! This “egg” shaped rock is traditionally a Jade stone.

Yoni means vagina or ‘sacred space’ in Indian Sanskrit and it’s designed to help a woman connect with her pelvic floor in a way that’s honouring, gentle and healing. It’s a 5000 year old practice from China, where the Queen and her concubines would use a precious jade egg to help keep them fertile, youthful and vaginally strong (for epic sex with the King!).*

This practise has made a strong comeback in the passing years as the modern women has delved into her inner world, to heal, to reconnect and embody her divine feminine right to experience pleasure and tap into her true purpose.

The Yoni Egg practise assists women with the following  

  • Reconnecting with their sensuality and pleasure
  • Healing birth/sexual trauma/vaginal pain
  • Clearing the Yoni from past lovers and toxic relationships
  • Strengthening Pelvic Floor – helping intensify pleasure, strengthening and toning the vaginal walls and bladder.
  • Balancing hormones, increasing chi. Libido and much more…

As with all healing there is not a one size or approach fits all! Tune into your body by taking some deep centering breaths. When the body and mind begins to slow ask if this is for you at this time. With healing, everything in its own time!

Check out my How to use your Yoni Egg blog for more information. 


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